Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last Moving Truck

I hope anyway. 8)

The family move to southern California is almost done and the new job is going well. I'm doing Remedy work still, but my new employer needs ITIL is a much bigger way than my last one and they know it. I'm going to have to learn to call it ISO 20000, though. I'm beginning to think of these standards as job security for guys like me.

We've used two 26 foot trucks and two 17 foot trucks from U-Haul now. This last 17 footer won't be full, so we probably could have done it with three 26 foot trucks. That's how much... uhmm... history... I am tracking around with me. Obviously I need some help getting rid of old stuff. It's much more fun to just acquire new stuff.

We arrived last night with typically foggy weather where it's not exactly safe to drive the highways at full speed. Of course, people DO drive the highways at full speed. I've lived in the central valley for about 26 years now. I won't miss this fog.

We have fit almost everything into a smaller house. I expect it to burst at the seams any day now. One more truck load should do it, though, like an after-dinner mint. It's wafer thin.
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