Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Under-appreciated Issue #1: Students and absentee ballots

In the upcoming US election there are many students who won't get around to voting. Some are away from home and have an option of registering where they go to school or registering at home and getting an absentee ballot. If you are such a student, please consider where your vote will have the most impact. If the people or issues you care most about are going to win in one location even without your vote, consider registering for the other location and putting your vote in there. Those of you in school have this option. Please consider it.

If your choice requires an absentee ballot to make it work, ask for it early and make sure you get it sent in on time. It is easy to procrastinate, but sending it in early means you get to avoid the political phone calls just before election day by telling them you've already voted absentee. 8)
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